Standing Man is a service design firm.


Standing Man is also Douglas Helman. That guy →

He creates product-service experiences that build value and nurture human and ecological values.

He uses design methods to make sense of complexity and create outcomes that are right for people and the planet.

Together with associates, he delivers:

Hello, I’m Douglas Helman.

Douglas loves asking why and challenging assumptions.

He has developed a fascination with the way people interact with products and services in their everyday lives.

Douglas graduated with First Class Honours Bachelor in Industrial Design from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2003. He was awarded the Sue Park Memorial Prize for Excellence and Enthusiasm.

Immediately after graduating, Douglas moved into a part time position as Designer at Banlaw Pipeline. There, he designed products for refuelling systems within the mining industry. At the same time, he was employed as a Lecturer at the University of Newcastle teaching courses in Presenting Information, Computer Skills for Design and Production Drawing. He also requested and was granted permission to redesign and deliver an elective course in Environmental Design.

The experience of redesigning the Environmental Design course while questioning the sustainability aspects of working for the mining industry led him to The International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University in Sweden where, in 2007, he graduated with a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Policy (EMP).

The internationally recognised EMP program is based on multiple disciplines including economics, technology, law and policy, management and environmental sciences. The program concludes with the research of a thesis project. Douglas worked with Martin Kurdve at Volvo Technology, in Sweden, on a project called Engaging Service Providers in Continuous Improvement.

After successful completion Douglas moved to Germany where he spent four months learning German to equip him with the language skills he required to take up a position as International Sales Manager, GaBi Product Sustainability at PE INTERNATIONAL AG (now thinkstep). He worked on a broad range of activities including implementing life cycle assessment (LCA) software and methods in business, advising clients on the correct application of LCA software and selling the renowned GaBi Software.

With his background in design and sustainability, Douglas moved back to Australia and into a multi-faceted role that spread across the Marketing and Consulting functions (and the world) as Senior Consultant at PE Australasia (now thinkstep). In this role, Douglas advised the marketing team on how best to communicate aspects of product sustainability, created software teaser videos, software instructional training videos and explainer videos, designed the GaBi Learning Centre (a free resource for GaBi Software users) and was instrumental in the development of GaBi Education (a program that provides software and learning resources to universities free of charge). He also advised clients across the building materials, food, sectors regarding the application of life cycle assessment and other sustainability approaches and methods to their businesses.

In early 2014 Douglas left this role to establish Standing Man. With the goal of applying strategic design to build better business, his role as Designer at Standing Man forces him into delightful collisions between business needs, design, customer experience, marketing and sustainability.

Doug is a real joy to work with. He is blessed with a sharp mind, excellent creative skills and the ability to grasp complex technical concepts.Jim Craig, Global Product Marketing Manager Product Sustainability at thinkstep