Clarifying EcoBlow’s Product and Service Offer

How EcoBlow uses clear information to reach the right clients.

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As a startup, EcoBlow were able to start with a blank sheet of paper and formulate their product/service offer. By gathering all the relevant information, and thinking about what their future clients would want to know, EcoBlow were able to write up what products and services they offer. They clarified pricing, how their service works and built a simple booking procedure within a new website.

The Client

EcoBlow Pty Ltd is an exciting new business based in Newcastle, Australia. With their specialised blower truck, they blow soil, bark and soft-fall mulch into places that are too expensive to access with traditional methods such as wheelbarrows, cranes or other earthmoving machines.

The Challenge

EcoBlow needed to work out exactly what it was that they were going to sell. They had already identified a clear need in the region and had placed an order for the equipment to be shipped from the US. They knew who their clients would be and had pretty clear ideas about how they wanted to run the business from a systems and process perspective. They needed to pull together all this information and present it to their future clients.

They needed to build a website and populate it with a crystal clear offer.

They wanted to remove barriers to making a booking by building a booking procedure that was quick and simple, requiring very little human involvement.

And, they wanted to establish very clear expectations in their future clients about what they do and do not offer.

The Project

We agreed on a project that included:

  1. Identifying the desired outcomes – a website with a booking procedure that fit with existing business systems
  2. Identifying the budget
  3. Gathering all the information – using an Info Scoop
  4. Drafting the website structure
  5. Copywriting – using hand written bullet points and Byword
  6. Building the website – using Avada and WordPress
  7. Reviewing and updating – based on feedback from EcoBlow
  8. Designing and creating a flyer – using Pixelmator

The project consisted of about a week of work over a three week period. This is a pretty good guide for a business offering a product/service mix of this complexity.

The Results

The obvious results of this project are:

  1. A clear offer.
  2. Communicated through a website.

But this includes a number of less-obvious results.

We clarified that they offer one service; blowing. They blow four products; soil, pine bark, forrest mulch and soft fall mulch. There is one booking procedure using an online form. If customers prefer to call, EcoBlow staff can use the same online form to make the booking.

Because we had all the information available, we also created a simple electronic flyer (print ready) that EcoBlow to send to future clients by email or print and distribute.

When does this make sense?

Clarifying what it is that you offer your clients makes sense if you are just starting out. Clarifying your value offer typically involves using texts to describe your offer. Just going through the process of trying to find the right words also helps you work out what it is that you do and do not do.

You should continue reviewing what you do once you’re up and running. (Incidentally, writing this project lead me to formalise another service that I offer; the Info Scoop)

Methods used

Info Scoop – Analysis – Service DesignInformation ArchitectureCopywritingWebsite Design

Work with standing man
“We thought we knew what we were going to do for our customers. But we needed help clarifying the various ideas and turning those into clear services, a website and brochure.”Tim Helman, EcoBlow Pty Ltd