Formalising a Maker Business

How Oh Josephine took advantage of a successful market stall.

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How do you take a maker business from one successful market stall to an ongoing business while raising two kids? That was the challenge set by Laure from Oh Josephine, maker of macrame homewares. By visualising her customer’s experience, using journey mapping and documenting touchpoints, Laure was able to prioritise what needed to happen next to build her business without taking time away from her children. She clarified her product range, pricing, communication and finalised her Etsy store so that sales could start rolling in.

The Client

Oh Josephine is a startup maker business based in Newcastle, Australia. Specialising in macrame, Oh Josephine offers a range of knitted and knotted original products from plant hangers to bags, wall hangings to jewellery. Laure de Vaugelas, Oh Josephine’s creator loves the process of turning a piece of string into a three-dimensional form. In addition to selling her beautiful creations, Laure delivers macrame workshops and offers make it yourself kits for the craftsperson in all of us.

The Challenge

Oh Josephine was born and raised in three weeks. It’s creator, Laure, began this extremely quick journey after enquiring whether it would be possible to have a stall at an upcoming Impossible Market event. The answer was yes. The next event was three weeks later.

In this short period of time Laure managed to make enough product to sell, created a logo and branding guidelines, established a social media presence with multiple properties, setup an Etsy store, designed a market stall, created signage and setup mobile payment.

After great success at the market, Laure decided to formalise Oh Josephine as an ongoing business and explore where it might go. At this stage, she realised that she had loads of ideas about what she could do. In particular, she learnt from the market experience that she was offering too many products (one-off items) at varied price points, which was causing confusion for her customers. Laure was looking for some help to review her ideas, put some structure around them, prioritise them and plan for the next market event.


The Project

Laure engaged Standing Man to conduct a SERVICISE Workshop. SERVICISE uses two key service design tools to visualise the state of a business from the customer’s perspective; the user journey and touchpoint mapping.

Journey Mapping

Because service design is the design of moments in life, user journey maps are needed to articulate the journey through those moments. Journey mapping allows you to document the various touchpoints that your user will experience before, during and after the delivery of your service. The Oh Josephine journey map provided Laure with an overview of her customer’s journey, from discovery to sale and beyond, while describing what happens, when, why and how.


Every time your user engages with your service they experience a touchpoint. Touchpoints can be human-human, human-machine and machine-machine and they offer rich opportunities to deliver a memorable service experience. Identifying and analysing touchpoints allowed Laure to align her customer’s experience across the physical and digital aspects of her business. Doing so helps her to unify the Oh Josephine brand experience.

The SERVICISE Workshop uses sticky notes to visualise the user journey with all of its touchpoints over time. In addition, using different coloured notes, it’s easy to identify opportunities.

The Results

In two hours, Laure was able to map out her customer’s journey from the point where they discover Oh Josephine, through her digital properties and physical presence at markets, to receiving an ordered package and beyond. She identified the importance of curating the Oh Josephine market stall experience beyond the visual display of her products (for example through a simplified product range and pricing communication) and identified an opportunity to single out one off pieces as artworks to be offered at limited edition prices.

In Laure’s words:

“Laying it all out on the table (literally) provided clarity, direction and optimism. It put some order in there, clarified the areas of importance, from which a clear hierarchy was able to emerge naturally. It is so valuable getting a fresh perspective. Not just to help correct the stuff that isn’t working, but also to reaffirm what is. I feel energised and enthusiastic about what I need to do and more optimistic about the future.”

When does this make sense?

The SERVICISE workshop is designed to help you work on a specific challenge (if you have one), such as difficulty retaining clients, confusion around what to do next, conflicting ideas to prioritise, or a customer experience to unify across channels. If you don’t have a specific challenge this kind of workshop helps to visualise what’s happening in your business from your customer’s perspective.

Methods used

Oh Josephine engaged Standing Man to conduct a SERVICISE workshop. This workshop utilises:

Challenge Definition – User Journey Mapping – Documenting Touchpoints – Hero Journey Mapping – Value Adding – Efficiency Identification

Work with standing man

When a big project is visualised as a series of small steps, it appears far more manageable and the daunting gloom of not being able to achieve something slips away.Laure de Vaugelas, Oh Josephine