Increasing Product Knowledge & Sales Efficiency

How PE INTERNATIONAL used video content to achieve two key goals.

PE INTERNATIONAL (now thinkstep), a leading international sustainability consultancy and supplier of the well-known GaBi Life Cycle Assessment software suite, asked Standing Man to assist in developing video content to explain the concepts behind the Software suite to help raise the level of understanding amongst prospective clients. This project also aimed to reduce the time sales people spent on the phone explaining the basic concepts freeing them up to work on deals more advanced through the sales pipeline.

PE International’s GaBi Software sales team noticed that they were spending a significant amount of time on the phone explaining the basics of how the GaBi Software suite worked. These phone enquiries, while desired, were taking the sales team away from closing deals that were already further advanced through the sales pipeline. The sales team needed a way of providing an entry into the GaBi Software world that satisfied the need for basic information before an interested party made an enquiry.

Video Marketing Statistics

We explored various ways of communicating the basic principles of the software suite including downloadable documents, diagrams, infographics, print media, email campaigns and then discovered some astounding statistics for video marketing. In particular, we discovered that, according to Forrester Research, one minute of video is equivalent to about 1.8 million words. In addition, 26% of internet users look for more information after viewing video online and 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

Clear Messages, communicated simply

The beauty of video marketing is that, not only is it very successful, it also allowed us to communicate much more information in a shorter period of time. Communicating concepts through video also proved to be much simpler than trying to explain the concepts behind the way the software worked over the phone without any visual aids. In addition, video offered the ability to use basic animation to be even clearer about the GaBi concepts while showcasing the software itself and highlighting some specific client cases.

Higher level of understanding and quicker sales progression

After implementing videos across a number of key pages on the GaBi Software website, the sales team reported a higher level of knowledge amongst people making enquiries empowering the sales team to advance sales leads more quickly through the sales pipeline.
Video content also increased the volume of marketing collateral that could be utilised through social media channels, including facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and served as key collateral for email marketing campaigns.

Generating video content

The process of video content generation is relatively straight-forward and involves a number of steps covering the definition of key messages, development of a script and storyboard, recording audio, developing visual content, editing and producing. The semi-animated, hand-drawn style developed for PE International is a cost-effective technique for conveying complex concepts in a visually simplified way. While video content or computer generated graphics could have been used, in this case, hand-drawn content assisted in breaking down the perceived high level of complexity of the software by presenting a more low-tech visual appearance.

Watch the videos

Here are a couple of examples of the video content that Standing Man helped PE International create.

GaBi LCI Data for PE INTERNATIONAL (now called thinkstep)

Watch the GaBi LCI Data video on the PE INTERNATIONAL website.

GaBi Server for collaborative Life Cycle Assessment for PE INTERNATIONAL (now called thinkstep)

Watch the GaBi Server video on the PE INTERNATIONAL website.

Work with standing man
Doug is a real joy to work with. He is blessed with a sharp mind, excellent creative skills and the ability to grasp complex technical concepts and turn them into materials that engage and inform.Jim Craig, Global Product Marketing Manager Product Sustainability at thinkstep