Business Design aligns all your business assets to deliver value to your customers.

Designing the way your people, processes and customers work together to support the efficient and effective delivery of your service offering.

Modern organisations no longer adhere to a front-stage/back-stage concept. Referred to as the line of visibility, where there are certain activities happening within and out of sight of your users, it really no longer exists. Every part of a service is either front of stage or implies back of stage activity. Everything is visible.

Because everything is visible it is just as important to deliberately design the way your organisation operates to deliver your service.

Looking at every aspect of your business through the eyes of your user provides you with opportunities to improve the value that you offer and improve the efficiency with which you deliver your service.

Customer Lifecycle Mapping

Customer life cycle mapping visualises the multiple journeys your user will take through your services over their entire lifetime. Taking such a long-term look at how your service offering delivers value over time will help you identify long-term value propositions that meet your user’s needs as they change. Customer life cycle mapping also helps identify when and where user relationships fail and highlights weaknesses in your service offering.

Service Blueprints

Service blueprints document the specific details of your service including the actors and their interactions, touchpoints, evidences and business activities. Visualising all of the details makes communication easier, helps generate buy-in and transparently outlines how a service will be delivered. Created collaboratively, service blueprints help identify overlap, excess and triviality, allowing you to improve service efficiency.

Business Modelling

Using the popular Business Model Canvas, business modelling helps bring clarity to the various aspects of delivering value to your user. Business modelling helps to view your service within the context of your business resources, revenue, costs and delivery channels among other aspects. It also provides a basis from which you can build business cases and conduct financial analysis.

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