Copywriting finds the right words to answer your future client’s questions.

Defining what needs to be communicated and authoring various texts for various purposes.

Written text is a key method for you to communicate with your audience. It’s critical that your texts are clear and logical for a range of readers. Choosing the right words requires that you know who you are ‘speaking’ to, their existing knowledge and values and the nature of their interest in your services.

Review copy needs

Most copywriting work begins by gaining an overview of what texts exist already and how they are being used. Which documents, brochures, websites exist, what do they communicate and to whom? We review whether these need adjusting and discover what texts need to be re/written. It’s really important that we always have a clear purpose in mind.

Define the audience

In order to write effective copy, it’s important to know who we are communicating with. One great tool to help here is the User Story. I ask questions like; what problem is the reader trying to solve? What question are they trying to answer? What might their worldview be? This is an exercise in empathy that ensures we use the right kind of language.

Service names, taglines and descriptions

Finding names for what you offer can be a difficult (and time-consuming) process. I can help you formulate detailed descriptions of your services. I can boil these down to concise explanations, taglines and find service names that work. Clear names, taglines and descriptions will help you to consistently communicate your service offer.

Web copy

The texts on your website are, perhaps, some of the most important. They are often the first contact future clients will have with your business. It’s important to get them right. I can help you formulate text specifically for your website that is easy to read, logical for your readers and meets their information needs.

I can update these on your WordPress of Squarespace website or provide these to you in (website-ready) Markdown for you to implement on your site.

Document templates

I can help you create document templates that will ensure consistent use of language. I can help you formulate project proposals, email templates, reports, invoices, thank you notes and a range of other documents. I can prepare these in Word or Pages formats.


Australian English is my mother tongue. I am also proficient in German.

Work with Standing Man

Douglas helped us improve the clarity of our product design proposals. We’ve been getting great feedback and are winning more work.Josh Jeffress, Principal Designer, Design Anthology