Appropriate Information Architecture ensures the effective communication of your service offer.

Establishing what information your audience needs and building a hierarchy of information that effectively meets their range of needs.

Each person that visits your website, online channels, reads your brochures or meets you in person is in the process of learning about you, your business and your service offer. Each person is at a different stage in that process and is looking for slightly different information.

At the beginning of every service journey, a potential client is trying to discover if you can help solve their problem. If so, how might you do it? What will it cost? When might it happen and how long will it take? Perhaps, most importantly, they want to learn whether you share values.

Information architecture is about structuring the answers to questions like these taking into account different viewers existing knowledge, differing information needs and to ensure your offer is communicated and understood.

Discover information needs

In order to build an effective information structure, we begin by finding out what kind of information people (specifically your future clients) are looking for. This activity involves looking at your service offer from two opposing perspectives.

The first is the perspective of your future client. I ask questions like; what kind of questions are your future clients asking themselves? Why are they still searching for a service provider? What answer are they looking for?

We then look at what information you can provide to answer their questions. What do you offer that answers their questions?

Gather information

You gather all of the information that you have about your services, yourselves and your business. What do you offer? What does it cost? How do you deliver that? Why do you offer that? Why should your future client choose you? And, so on.

This activity often results in lots of documents, links and printed bits and pieces. We’ll use all of them to build a complete picture of your service offer.

Create a hierarchy

This activity can be messy as we work together to create a hierarchy of information that is logical for your future clients. We begin by arranging all of the available information that we have. We cull the stuff that we really don’t need. We then arrange and rearrange the information until it all makes sense.

We can use User Stories to test whether the order of information will make sense to various viewers.

Build the structure

Once we’ve created a hierarchy of information we can build an information structure that forms the basis for your written, verbal and graphic communication. This structure will allow your viewers to , regardless of their prior knowledge, begin their journey discovering your business and service offer. I can assist you implementing this structure in your written content, your website or help you to formulate service descriptions that communicate clearly.

Work with Standing Man

The workshop format that Doug used to help us work out what information is most important for our customers was well structured and easy to work through. He then designed and built the EcoBlow website based on that information.Tim Helman, Managing Director, EcoBlow Pty Ltd