Website design utilises simple tools to establish your web presence so that you can start to be found online.

Deliberately designing and building the structure and content of your website to ensure your future clients find what they are looking for.

Your website is often the first place people will look for information about what your business offers. Often, websites are built to communicate what the business wants the customer to know. A better strategy is to build an understanding of your readers and building a website that answers their questions.

Website design

A website needs a logical structure. I can help you work out what that structure should look like and build it. I can design page layouts that you can update and edit in the future. I can build these page layouts and add graphic and text content. We’ll establish the technical settings on your website, upload your branding elements and define colours and typefaces.


Because your website is often the first contact future clients have with your business, it’s important to get the right content on your site. I can help you formulate text for your website that is easy to read and makes sense to your readers.

I can update these on your WordPress of Squarespace website or provide these to you in (website-ready) Markdown for you to implement on your site.

I can also assist you to better understand and define your audience and then formulate service names, taglines and descriptions.

Contact form design

One key function of a website is to allow future clients to make contact with you. This is the beginning of their service journey with your business and they are taking the first step. Because of this, it’s critical to consider what this moment feels like for them. We determine what information you need to gather from your enquirer and design and build forms that seems appropriate from their perspective.

WordPress and Squarespace

Utilising the powerful themes available for WordPress and Squarespace enables you to build a website relatively quickly. These platforms offer a range of advantages and deliver good performance for most small to medium sized businesses. I’ve built websites using the Avada, X and Kalium WordPress themes. Avada and X are particularly versatile. This site is built using the X theme in WordPress.

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