A Website Review reveals whether your website really reflects how you serve, and deliver value to, your potential clients.

Reviewing how your business and services are presented through your existing website. Making recommendations to align your website with your service offering.

Most businesses rely, to some extent, on a website to communicate what they do, how they do that, why they do that and, what value they can deliver to their clients.

With the advent of website builders like Wix and Squarespace it has become quick and relatively easy to get a website up and running. But this has created the problem that the resulting sites appear ill-considered and even rushed. In the worst cases, their contents don’t offer anything that real people are actually looking for.

Establish desired impression

We begin by establishing how you would like people (your future clients) to perceive your business and service offering. In a face to face or online setting, we discuss questions like; what problem do you solve for your clients? How do you do that? Why do you do that? Why do your clients choose you rather than your competitors? What are the most important things your future clients need to know in order to engage your services? Why do you have a website? The answers to these questions form the benchmark for reviewing your website.

Review website

With a clear picture of the way you would like your business to be perceived, I systematically review the structure of information as well as the content on your website. I ask questions like; does the order of information make sense? Do your future clients need to know this at all? Is this relevant? Could we put this somewhere else? Do your future clients need to know this now? Does this content take your viewers level of understanding into account? Is the information presented in a way that helps achieve your website’s purpose (and your business goals)?

Review other content

Most businesses don’t rely solely on a website. They also use various social media channels and hard copy documents, such as brochures, to communicate relevant information. In addition to reviewing your website, I can assess whether your other content items are aligned with the desired impression you’d like for your business.

Document recommendations

So that you can take action, I’ll document feedback regarding the various benchmark items. I’ll identify information gaps and suggest ways to fill them. I’ll also identify information that appears unnecessary, too vague or out of place. Recommendations might include design changes such as colour, layout and font type, menu structure changes and contact form improvements.

With these recommendations, you’ll be able to implement changes when and if you choose. Alternatively, I can assist you to implement the most important improvements by helping you to better structure the information, with copywriting and website implementation.

Work with Standing Man

The Website Review is designed to make sure that your website is an accurate representation of your business and service offering.