Walking indoors and outdoors increase our ability to generate appropriate novel ideas

Walking increases creativity

Walking increases creativity. The science backs it up and yet we rarely do it in a professional setting. At Standing Man, walking is a normal part of any workshop.

Includign duration information on teh concert program allows visitors to prepare

Duration information reduces anxiety

How can including duration information in a concert program be good design? This simple inclusion doesn’t cost the Australian Chamber Orchestra anything to implement but helps reduce anxiety and make a great experience.

Service design exists because we all find it frustrating when things don’t work the way we expect them to.

Why service design?

In a recent conversation with a car insurance provider, Jessica politely informed me that The System was throwing up a message. It got me thinking, what is The System? Why is it throwing up in my direction? And, is it weird to be Jessica and have to pass on messages from The System? Service design is about making the interactions between people, systems, places, procedures and policies feel more human, pleasurable and understandable.

Advanced manufacturing enables the delivery of emotional value propositions

Advanced manufacturing as enabler

I recently attended the Hunter Advanced Manufacturing Manufacturing Summit titled ‘Reconfiguring the Future’. I’d been working with my good friend and business acquaintance Josh Jeffress, from Design Anthology, to prepare a presentation about the ways in which advanced manufacturing affects the way we design products and services. Josh’s talk was excellent.

Strategic design is about thinking more deeply and more broadly

What’s wrong with industrial design

I feel misrepresented. In an article authored by industrial designer Geoff Ledford and published last week on Core77 , Ledford writes that: “if designers do our jobs well, we actually encourage people to buy more stuff, not less” And that: “we can’t do much to discourage society’s obsession with stuff.” What? Can that be right?